🌟 Thank you 1LA for a great year 🌟


Happy memories 1 KG

What a brilliant and very busy year we’ve had. It’s wonderful to see everyone grow and develop and now they’re all ready to move onto Year 2.

Have a fantastic summer everyone. Good luck for Year 2.

This is my final blog! So, thank you so much for you kind wishes and gifts.

Happy holidays – love from Mrs Grant.

What a surprise!!

Thank you to everyone who gave me an utterly FAB afternoon yesterday to mark my retirement. It was so much fun and I don’t know how you managed to keep it secret.

Great music from the choirs, Miss Fabbri and some of our musicians. Gorgeous outfits and decorations, as well as delicious food and most importantly all of you. Then to round it off such lovely singing from KS1.

Memories to treasure 😁

Love from Mrs Grant